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N-Tech N-Tech

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Wonderful game.

Dinden, wonderful game.

I thought I'd briefly check this game out, just to see what it is...
"Highly addictive" is an understatement.

Like all "addictive" games (Minesweeper, Spider-Solitaire, ZTris), it would have turned my mind to a slushy substance that would have leaked out my nostrils if I had not managed to pull away.

Well made. If someone hasn't yet given you an excellent rating, it's likely a result of the fact that their brain-mush has spilled onto and short-circuited their computer keyboard.

Diniden responds:

Hey thanks for the awesome comment ^_^. Creative in just the comment itself thanks a lot...extremely sorry it's been like half a year to respond, but actually my friend submitted the game for me, and I just found out how to log in to the newgrounds account stuff (he submitted it because I have slow dial up...) But yeah Thankls a ton for the feedback! N-Tech 2 shall be made within the next year haha, I have like 8 billion projects I'm working on...